My Spider Web Quilt

IMG_0016 (2)

This is almost a year to date from the beginning of this quilt.  I believe it was a class I took with my new Quilting Group.  I used scraps of a lot of my favorite blues.  Over the summer I hand quilted it and final got out and bought a dowel rod to hang it.  It is on the stairways wall leading to the bedrooms.  Finally something to look at as I go up the stairs.

My Oldest Daughter


I’m so very proud of Jamie. Although we graduated her from Home School several years ago, she took my challenge to complete the GED.  Well, that day came this last week.  She took the 4th and final test, Math.  It was hard work all the way but I am so glad she stuck it out and proved to herself that she can indeed understand math. She is also in the midst of her first college course and learning much about herself and her temperament.  I wish her the best of everything in life.  I love you, Jamie!

Reblog: Mars and the Majesty of Christ


by Russell Moore

For the last several weeks many of us have been tuned into the latest reports from NASA about Mars. Technology has allowed scientists access to the red planet in ways unfathomable even just a decade ago. From details about Mars’ climate to evidence of water on the planet surface, a number of questions have been raised about the worlds that neighbor our own.

Perhaps for many of us, the images and descriptions of environments literally years away from earth might cause a little anxiety. What all is out there? How much of it? If our little galaxy is just a pin-point in a vast, swirling universe, then why would we think that what happens on this microscopic rock matters all that much? In the sweep of cosmic space, why would your life and my life have much purpose at all?

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Reblog: Advice for a Young Man Dating a Young Woman


by John Harris

As I look back over twenty-five years of marriage, I am grateful for the countless blessings of being with one woman whom I love and who loves me so faithfully. Through many highs and lows, we have grown closer together as we have persevered through life’s struggles. As a result, I have developed a few convictions and beliefs about how a young man can and should find his wife and embark on his journey with her. To all my 20-something friends, I honestly believe that every young man who is truly interested in entering into a marriage covenant with a young woman should embrace the following seven critical pieces of advice. Ignore them at the risk of missing out on the blessing. Embrace them and you can expect a depth of relationship experienced nowhere else.
Get your mind off yourself and cultivate a heart of understanding. Read her. Study her. Know her. Listen very carefully, not merely to the words spoken, but for their meaning and motive….

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Weight Watcher’s Tip 16-20

untitled16. Have some dessert
You don’t have to deny yourself all the time. Have a treat that brings you pleasure, but this time enjoy it guilt-free be — sure you’re practicing portion control, and compensate for your indulgence by exercising a little more or by skipping your afternoon snack.

17. Ask for what you need
Tell your mother-in-law you don’t want seconds. Ask your other half to stop bringing you chocolates. Speak up for the place with great salads when your co-workers are picking a restaurant for lunch. Whatever you need to do to succeed at weight loss, ask for it — make yourself a priority and assert yourself.

18. Improve your treadmill technique
When walking on a treadmill, don’t grip the rails. It’s fine to touch them for balance, but you shouldn’t have to hold on. If you do, that might be a signal you should lower the intensity level.

19. Simon says… get fit
Here’s an easy way to fit in exercise with your kids: Buy a set of 1 lb weights and play a round of Simon Says — you do it with the weights, they do it without. They’ll love it!

20. Make the most of your walks
If your walking routine has become too easy, increase your effort by finding hills. Just be sure to tackle them at the beginning of your walk, when you have energy to spare.

Reblog: How An Affair Really Begins

shutterstock_125524061From Tim Challies blog

At some point, we have all witnessed the devastation of an affair. On the one hand, it is shocking just how much can be destroyed by the act of one person sharing sexual intimacy with another. But on the other hand, it is not shocking at all when we consider how much meaning God has packed into marriage and into the sexual relationship within marriage.

One of the great misconceptions about affairs is that they begin with sex. Affairs do not begin with sex. Falling into bed with a man who is not your husband or a woman who is not your wife is never a sudden, unplanned event. Instead, it is a culminating decision in a long list of terrible, self-centered decisions.

Some time ago Denny Burk and I spoke at a conference, and Denny told us about the 6 “e’s” that Tommy Nelson uses to describe the “ease” with which people fall into extra-marital affairs. I have shared them before but thought it might be helpful to share them again. I believe any married man or woman can benefit by occasionally considering them. Consider it one more means to fulfill 1 Timothy 4:16: “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching.” (I will write from a male perspective, but it works equally well if you reverse the pronouns.)

1) Eliminate

Affairs do not begin when you experience sexual intimacy with someone who is not your spouse. An affair begins much farther back, when you begin to eliminate intimacy in your marriage. This is not only the intimacy of sex, but the intimacy that comes by dating, by long face-to-face conversations, and by physical affection. Instead of pursuing your wife, you grow hard and complacent. The joy fades, the discontentment rises.

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Ted Talks: Brene Brown

These are 2 life changing talks that help to illuminate how shame and vulnerability work in your relationships with people.  I recently read Brene’s book entitled The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Suppose to be and Embrace Who You Are.  This book gave me so much insight into human nature and really the things that can drive each of us into hiding or the willingness of vulnerability.  Enjoy the journey. ~ Beth

Reblog: True Glue


by Douglas Wilson

Throughout Scripture, one of the central bonding agents in true community is a foundational commitment to truth-telling. Lies are corrosive, and the truth is a great adhesive.

The ninth commandment says not to bear false witness against your neighbor (Ex. 20:16). The Colossians are told not to lie to one another, seeing that they have put off the old man with its evil practices (Col. 3:9). The Israelites are told not to be false with one another (Lev. 19:11). And in Scripture, whenever deception is honored it is honored as an act of war—lying to the enemies of God who have forfeited their right to the truth. The midwives to Pharaoh would be one example, and Rahab protecting the spies is another. In time of war, you are not trying to develop unity with the enemy.

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