Winter’s Folly… a book

by Kayla…

Winter’s Folly is the name of a house on the top of a hill. Mr. Winter, the occupant, was a very happy man, once, when he had a wife and daughter and lived in a different home. After his wife died and his money ceased to come in to support him and his daughter, Topsy. He was force to give his beloved daughter to his stern and wealthy step-brother Jacob, so she could be well cared for. Mr. Winter, very unhappy, tried to go home but found the pressure to much. Finally he moved to ‘Winter’s Folly’ where no one would know him and ask questions. The town’s people near Winter’s Folly didn’t like Mr. Winter, they didn’t know his story.Finally the new Pastor came to the town near Winter’s Folly, his young twin daughters learned from there mother they should find someone to try and help. When the girls found out that there was a stiff man who no one knew who lived on the top of the hill, they left the man a rosebud and scripture text. One day, after many rosebuds and scripture texts had been left at the Mr. Winter’s door, the old man fell sick and called the girls into his cabin. The older twin, Myrtle, came into find Mr. Winter was ill and out of food and water. Myrtle and her twin sister, Ivy helped the man get provisions. Shortly after the twins fell ill. It was then Myrtle found out the man’s story.After the girls had gotten better, Mr. Winter, who had become a good friend to Myrtle and Ivy, invited the girls for a tea party. … read for yourself what special surprise happened the day of the tea party…


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