Composting… small things

July 26th

July 26th

Oct 4th

Oct 4th

I started my first compost pile in July, desperately wanting to be somewhere that we could do some vegetable gardening.  Not wanting to let our small yard discourage me from learning some thing, I bought a desert gardening book and started here, composting.  By September, I knew we would be planting the annual flowers soon and wanted to use the compost for those.  I stopped adding to it and started my new pile.   I first picture was the first day of my pile and the second picture (even though the pile got moved) is the same pile all done and ready to use in the garden. Yay!

This Bible verse came to my mind as I decided to start this new project…  Zechariah 4:10  For who has despised the day of small things?


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