Fall… a poem







…by Kayla


While at a little house in Arizona, stationed on nineteenth street,

Three children move swiftly, carried by busy feet.

“It is fall! It is fall!” they run and joyfully cry,

“The summer is fading away, and a happy fall is nigh.”

As a leaf falls here and a leaf falls there,

The burning sun of summer is as if no-where.

“It is hardly as hot as summer’s sun!”

Says the youngest, though he’s only one.

“See that bird’s wings unfold, and how he swiftly flies!”

The oldest, fourteen, points and poetically cries.

“And see the grass, green, my favorite color!”

The twelve year old grins, as up comes her father and mother.

“It is fall!” mother exclaims.

“The calendar says so,” father explains.

Then together, as a family, they all proclaim,

“No matter the season, summer, winter, spring or fall,

The LORD, our God, He hath made them all!”


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