A day on the farm…

The veggies we brought home.

The veggies we brought home.

Nathan finding zucchini.
Nathan finding zucchini.
picking veggies
picking veggies

by Jamie

On Thursday, Oct 16th, Mom, Kayla, Nathan and I went on a field trip with our cousins’ homeschool group to a small farm. We met Ben and Bethany and Aunt Kathy in the parking lot. We took lots of pictures of each other while we waited to be admitted in. When we entered through a wide gate, we were lead to our two tables where we got to leave our lunches. Our guide took us to the fields to pick vegetables. We picked zucchini, cucumber, and radishes. I was responsible for Nathan during the first half of the visit, and I had him pick the veggies up and put them in the bag. He liked that. We then went through a mini maze in a small corn field to a bunch of hay bale seats where our guide told us about corn. After that, we were free to do what ever we wanted. We had lunch. Next to our tables, there was a big dirt area in front of the corn mazes where two little peddle vehicles sat. We could drive them around. I took lots of pictures of Ben, Bethany, Kayla, Becca, Sarah and little Timothy as they drove around the hay bales. We had races. Then we played King of the Hill on a bunch of hay bales till we got to hot and had ice cream. Then, Becca, Kayla, Sarah and Bethany rode the little train. While Ben, Nathan, Timothy and I waited, we picked out pumpkins and put them on our tables. When the train came back, the younger girls picked their pumpkins. Ben and I, (we’re both big and tall for our ages,) managed to squeeze into the train cars. Nathan stood with me. He enjoyed that ride the best. He turned the steering wheel, and waved at Mom when she took our pictures. Then, we meandered over to the petting zoo. Bethany gave the little donkey a good rub down. We examined the turkeys and then we all petted the goats. Nathan called the goats, ‘kitties.’ We petted two small horses and then, after sanitizing our hands, simply wandered around. Ben climbed up onto the seat of a really old tractor and held Nathan on his lap for at least 25 seconds. (Nathan liked that.) Then, our moms let us kids do the huge corn maze. The average time it took to do the maze was 45 minutes. We took about an’ hour. We received a blank map. In each corner of the maze, there were mail boxes. And when we reached a mail box, we pull out a piece of the map and taped to the right section to the paper. There was one lookout that we climbed up to get our bearings. At first, we went in a big circle and came back to where we started. We also cheated and took the short cuts people had previously made. That didn’t help and it only made us get even more lost. We started to leave behind markings of fallen corn cobs so we would tell if we had come this way. We did find some markings again. We got out however, after we had drunken all our water and had gotten really hot. We left after taking some group pictures. We had great fun. I’m looking forward to more adventures with my cousins and old friends!


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