Jessie Wells… a book

by Jamie

Jessie Wells was written in 1866 by Isabella Alden. The story takes place in a small town. Jessie’s father is one of the respected men of the town as doctor.

On Jessie’s 16th birthday, she heard the most disturbing sermon, and she realized, to her dismay, that, even though she claimed she was a Christian, she saw that, her past years had not been godly ones. She is the only Christian in her home. Her parents were not saved, her older brother, Wayland, got drunk nearly every night, and her siblings were not saved. Jessie resolved to start living for Christ and deny worldly things, like dancing. But will she prevail? Can she explain to her friends why she won’t dance? Can she try to be friendly to snotty Cornie Gordon? Will she choose to attend the prayer meetings rather then parties? Can she lead her family to God by living an example of a true Christian?


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