Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant… a book

by Jamie…

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant was written by Isabella Alden in 1891 and is published by Keepers of the Faith. The story takes place in New England. It is about a poor struggling widow, Mrs Bryant, and her three children living happily together and trying to make the best of their little home and their odd jobs. Mrs Bryant, heavily burdened by the house mortgage, takes in sewing and ironing for her living. Her three children also tried hard to get work. Caroline, better known as Line, at age 11, helped her mother with the ironing. Ben, age 10, was a errand boy for one of the local grocery stores. Little five year old Daisy couldn’t work. She was a thinker, and she treasured her dolly, Arabella Arelia, who was the wooden arm off a broken chair. Daisy longed for a ‘truly’ dolly. Will Daisy get a dolly? Will Ben be able to keep his job? Could Line find other work? Can Mrs. Byrant do something about her mortgage? Can friends help? Can the family earn enough money to survive the winter? This is a heart touching story of a family who talked, worked and lived together.


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