Lysbeth, A Tale of the Dutch… a book

by Jamie…

Lysbeth, A Tale of the Dutch, was written by H. Rider Haggard in 1900 and the story takes place in the 1500’s about the Dutch Reformers as they struggle against the crafty Spaniards and the persecuting Catholic church.  The story is about a Catholic orphaned heiress living with her aunt in the town of Leydon. The lady’s name is Lysbeth, who was courting a distant cousin, Dirk van Goorl, who was secretly part of the reformed church. Lysbeth fell into the evil hands of the Count Don Juan de Montalvo, a Spaniard Captain lost in deep debt and searching for a way to get easy money. His plan was to marry a wealthy woman. Montalvo, deciding that Lysbeth, a heiress of a great fortune, was the perfect target, but the problem was that she disliked him very much and that she had another man courting her, Dirk. Montalvo weaseled his way into the good will of Lysbeth’s aunt and friends, Lysbeth despised him more every time she saw him. Montalvo, with the help of Black Meg, a evil woman who spent her time as a spy trying to find ‘heretics,’ Montalvo got evidence of Dirk as a heretic, along with another cousin. With this evidence, he threatened Lysbeth, that if she did not marry him, he would hand over the information to the Inquisitors and Dirk would die as a heretic. But it will be up to Lysbeth. Will Dirk be able to persuade Lysbeth to become reformed? Will Montalvo get Lysbeth’s money? Can Lysbeth outfox this evil Spaniard? The rest their future depends on Lysbeth’s response to Montalvo.


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