Ode to the Election… a poem

by Kayla… 

A Feminist; A Maverick; A Black Man-

These for U.S. Presidential Election Ran.

Seemed there to be no good candidate.

Hillary lied, complained, Obama did her stress-

She also was unfeminine; pants, no dress.

Obama was a liberal, definition: Big Government.

He didn’t fear God, no he wasn’t Godsend.

McCain, a wolf, dressed as a sheep.

His Vice President, put Christians to sleep.

“Who will we vote for?” the remnant cried.

“Is there one God Fearing? From President hasn’t shied?”

A voice then, did the remnant spurred-

USA! Let the Truth be heard!”

“Chuck Baldwin! Chuck Baldwin!”

“He fears God- Yes, he has sin”-

“But Obama goes south, and Baldwin goes north.”

The remnant’s decoded, what to do on November 4th….

Though their choice lost in the coming days,

The remnant knows, it is still best to follow God’s Ways.



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