Sidetracked Home Executives… a book

Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise was written by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, two sisters, who turned from messy and disorganized to clean and orderly, and tell you how they did it. The book is published by Warner Books.

by Beth…

During the Family retreat in September, this book was mentioned as having great lists of household chores that need doing.  I picked up a copy to see what I’ve been missing in our daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines.  As I began to read the beginning, the women who wrote the book sounded just like Jamie (in personality), so I decided the girls and I would read this book out loud together.  It was a real fun book to read… thankfully the authors wrote with lots of humor and gave us a huge look into their homes and daily living.  I cringed at some of the examples they gave of some of their bad habits, but it got the girls and I laughing and talking about why these things are so important.  I decided to try their card system for the things I don’t do regularly already.  It looks promising… we haven’t arrived yet… but we have left the station :)

by Jamie…

The book, illustrated by funny comics, is a hilarious tale on these two sisters as young keepers at home, disorganized and unhappy about their pigpen homes. One of the sisters tells a tale of being determined to organize her home, but ended up making a tent out of sheets, with the kids, in the hall, eating chocolate chips, going over color flash cards, while sitting among library books, garage sale items, the drapes, and Friskies. The other sister becomes overwhelmed at the idea of unpacking unorganized boxes after her move. Loading the kids into the truck, they head to the near by fast food restaurant and hold an emergency meeting. They need to get organized, fast! They came up with a system–that works!– by using card files and making good plans that helped them get their homes into the peaceful residence they had always wanted. Our family has begun to try the system. Mom has filled her card file box and filed out the cards. We’re going to try to get the family on the schedule. I’ve taken my grandmother’s old file box and have used their system as well . . . only for recipes! I enjoyed the book because I’m much like how they were and are: humourous and not very organized. (However, I’m not quite as unorganized as they were!)

by Kayla…

Through chuckles and more sober moments, Sidetracked Home Executives shows the ‘sidetracked’ woman how to turn her pigpen to paradise. By using three by five cards and this book, you will have the key to unlocking the door leading to the resources for a organized home. While reading these two sisters story, how they started with thawing steaks in the dishwasher- and then reformed to organized life, (actually being able to find that flashlight!-) you will see the way to change for the better too! Even the ‘B.O.’s (Born Organized) will enjoy hearing this encouraging and comical testimony.


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