Raiders from the Sea… a book

by Jamie…

Raiders from the Sea, of the Viking Quest series, was written by Lois Walfrid Johnson, in 2003 and published by Moody Publishers. As the first book of this series it introduces 13 year old Briana O’Toole, her older brother Devin and their family. The story takes place in the 900’s, in Ireland. Briana and her brother knew every foot of their mountain and they attended school and learned to read and write from the monks.On her 13th birthday, Briana, better known as Bree, rescues a strange boy from drowning in a rushing river, her world is turn upside down. The stranger, 14 year old Michael who spoke in Norse, the trade’s men language, mysteriously disappears when Bree goes for food and dry clothes. After talking to her brother, Devin, they become alarmed about the possibility of him being a Viking. Or worse, a spy. Devin and Bree had lost a younger sister to the Vikings when they had last come on a raid. They hated Vikings and were prepared to help their family escape deep into the forest to hide from them if they returned. After telling their parents, their father alerted the monks at the school, where they were translating the Bible from Latin. The school was the prime target place for the Vikings because of the treasure kept there. Bree and Devin take supplies to their hiding place deep in the forest. But soon the warning bells toll. Devin, with Bree’s help, tries to keep the children calm as they take into the boat and roar for their hiding place. While Devin tries to keep the children in their hut, Bree goes back to the river to tie their boat. Two Vikings, however, chase her up the mountain. Bree was soon captured by the two young men, tied and taken to their Viking ship. There are surprises for Bree as she is taken from Ireland. Helping the Irish captives around her, Bree struggles to trust God and his plan for her life. Will Bree discover what happened to Michael? Was any of her family also captured? Was the school raided and were any of the monks hurt? Will she every be able to escape?

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