David thrusted into self-employment…

by Beth…

As most of you already know, David was released from his employment at Chandler Mercedes-Benz on Friday, January 30th.  Since the children and I had been hoping for this for sometime (not his being fired but him being able to work from home) we celebrated.  Okay course, it was not all happy feels all the way around…  he did seek out some friends in the business that had gone out on their own and were working either in their own shops or from home.  David came home encouraged that he could actually do this.  Yay!

He started a Limited Liability Corporation last year taking small steps to get something set up to work from home.  That was one thing we didn’t have to do. Over the last couple weeks we’ve meet with our account, software specialist for car repair info, web designer, and of course stood in line for our state and city tax licenses…etc.

It’s now been two weeks since he’s been released from “his bondage”.  We are all loving having at home with us.  Of course, our schedules are being re-arranged and things are different but all in all a very good thing…

Check out the new website  http://www.familycarcareforless.com/

…updates to follow.


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