Self-employment… week 5

Yay! working at home :)

The wife says, Yay! he’s working at home :)

by Beth…

This was a good week. We are thanking God for his mercy and goodness. David earned income, at home, everyday last week. It was very encouraging. We have been driving parking lots, putting his business card on Mercedes Benz vehicles, placing ads on Craig’s List, and going out and talking to the body shops and used independent car sales lots close to home. Mostly he’s getting positive feed back.

Not only has God provided through David’s work in the garage but we received a gift of money from a family member, we sold at least 3 different items on Craig’s List this week, and the kids earned big bucks washing Grandpa’s RV ;)

We are so thankful that the Lord has placed this vision in us, to be productive in many ways using, hopefully, all our abilities. We are especially looking for this for our kids as they get older. May God expand our imaginations and capabilities.

More updates to follow…


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