Happy Resurrection Day 2009

poem by Kayla…

From heaven above He came down low;
To pay a debt He did not owe;
And reap the seed that we had sown.

So Jesus gave the people light;
But Pharisees mumbled, ‘It isn’t right;
We must stop Him with all our might.’

Then the fateful night came nigh;
And to rulers, came Priests, with the lie;
‘He has blasphemed, He must die!’

‘Crucifed Him! It has to be!;
Why did Pilate disagree?
Let the murderer be set free!’

Up on a cross, portrayed as a knave
Down in the cold and stony grave,
Out of His death, elect to save!

But God arose on the third day,
Within the tomb He no longer lay.
So remember Him and I hope you may-

Have a happy Easter! 


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