By Right of Conquest… an audio book

by Kayla…

By Right of Conquest was written by G. A. Henty and our family heard it on audio mp3, read by Jim Hodges. The CD was made by Jim Hodges Productions and was copyrighted 2005. 

Roger Hawkshaw’s father plans to sail to Mexico for spoils and discovery with his English crew and ship, behind the Spaniard backs.   Although England and Spain had made peace with each other, since the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the Pope decided that no one, English or other wise should get to discover more besides themselves. Roger’s father, Ruben, gathers money from his cousin and a stout crew from England and sets sail with his son at his side. But the crew is spotted by Spaniards, is tossed into a furious gale and is destined for trouble… Roger finding himself all alone in Mexico is treated first as a god, finally as a sacrifice for the gods. Roger makes friends and enemies. The priests demand the white man for their altar, and Roger flees. But when he finds himself in the hands of the Spaniards who don’t know he’s English, Roger is in trouble. 

How long can he keep his identity secret? How long can he escape the grasp of the priests? What happened to Roger’s father and the rest of the English crew? I hope you will find By Right of Conquest as interesting and exciting from start to finish as I did.


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