Our trip to Pine, Az

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by Jamie…

I enjoyed our vacation to Pine, Az. very much, and these are some of the things I enjoyed doing up there the best.

One of my great favorites was our trip to the goat farm, Fossil Creek Creamery . There were goats of all sizes in different large pens. And there were some lamas, too. We were there all by ourselves, except for a couple that had been staying at the same bed and breakfast with us. We were allowed to be in the big pen with the smaller, baby goats that were just sooo CUTE! Anyway, Mom took pictures and so did Kayla. Nathan was only interested in the little slide that was for the goats to climb on. He wasn’t really crazy about the goats. I crouched down and about five to six all came around me. I was sorry that I didn’t have enough hands to pet them all at once. There was a really cute guy that was black and white and he stuck to me like duct tape, except for when he wanted Nathan to pet him. Nathan ran over to Daddy, screaming and flapping his arms like a distressed seagull. He yelled, ” Go away!” at the him, looking very distressed. So the goat came back over to me. Another goat was really cute. He was caramel colored, and he pawed my leg when I stopped petting him. When we left the pen, we fetched hay from a bale and fed the larger goats, who ate through their fence.   Kayla spotted a black cat and picked him up. He seemed to want attention, and followed us when we washed our hands. I was sorry to leave them all. :( (But, hey, there was no room in the van to bring them all with us, even if we wanted to!) :)

I enjoyed exploring all the East Verde River. We took William and Delaney with us on one expedition, and they showed us how to pick up the crawdads that lived near the edge of the river. (They look like small lobsters, and they move really fast. I called them the crickets of the water.) We had to be careful not to get pinched. The next day, on our way home, we stopped again and did more exploring. Kayla put on sandals so she could go in the water. I had played to keep my feet dry. But while we both were crossing the water on stones and a log, I stepped on the wrong rock, and my right leg got wet nearly up to the knee. So I waded in my shoes. (The water wasn’t too cold. Once you got used to it.) Mom helped us spot crawdads, and I picked up several. Daddy got one too. Nathan threw rocks in the water. Much fun. We took some really great pictures. :)

I enjoyed hanging out with the kids. We played chess with Delaney outside. That night we played chess, checkers (using chess pieces!) and memory game. William joined us for the ending of the memory game. We talked a long time and laughed till our sides hurt.

I also enjoyed listening to By Right of Conquest by G.A. Henty, read by Jim Hodges, while we drove in the car. I tried to do some cross stitching while I listened, but could only do it successfully on a smooth highway. Doing it on a bumpy road while winding back and forth on a mountain is a little much.


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