Camping in Happy Jack, Az

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A couple weeks ago now, we spent the weekend in Happy Jack, Az with several other families from our church.  For June, the weather was on the coolside. 

On both the way up and back we stopped just north of Payson and played in the East Verde River.  Jamie and Kayla caught crawdads and put them in an aquarium we had.   We enjoyed them for the weekend then put them back in the river on our way home.  Nathan again enjoyed throwing rocks and playing in the sand.   David and I got some peaceful reading in by the river.

The property in Happy Jack happened to have an old front loader sitting behind the house.  What a treat for Nathan!

One family brought archery equiptment to share and that was alot of fun.  Oh my arm ached the next day.  We took the hatchet and everyone practiced their aim at the big log.

The campfire was fun and warm for the cold evenings and we even had church there on Sunday morning before we left.  Happy Jack is a beautiful area with lots of tall pine trees!


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