Our Trip to the Mogollon Rim


At Woods Canyon Lake


BIG Dandilion!


Nathan sleeping while we read Henty


"Howdy, folks! I'm a crawdad!"


Blackberries near the stream


Jamie, age 15


Nathan hunting 'chipmunks and squirs'


Dirty Face. Cutie Face.

by Jamie

We went camping up on the Rim near Woods Canyon Lake, from Monday to Wednesday. We had great fun. We camped on the opposite side of the road away from the rim’s edge. Mom didn’t want Nathan running too close and—well, you get the idea. But we where able to walk over to the edge to get some pictures taken.

I enjoyed building the campfire with our flint and steel and then hearing Daddy read our latest G. A. Henty book around it late into the night. (The book is called Out on the Pampas and it was so exciting it kept me from falling asleep.) We roasted jumbo marshmallow, ate chocolate and added logs to the fire.

We went to Woods Canyon Lake twice. Nathan was so eager to get down to the water’s edge to ‘throw some rocks in the ‘lare.’ The only problem was that there was bunches and bunches of fishermen, so we had to find a place where we wouldn’t disturb the fish. Nathan threw his rocks, Kayla took video and Mom and I hunted for crawdads. We didn’t catch any the first time. At the lake’s store, however, they had some very small nets that you could use to catch minnows or something small. Anyway, Mom and I both got a net and the next day we went back to the lake, it was a cinch to catch them. We saw lots of cute chipmunks and squirrels too.

We took some walks together. Daddy took us hunting for wood several times. Kayla, Mom and I went for walk to try to find some Black Eyed Susans while Daddy and Nathan tried to nap in the afternoon. It was a long walk, and Kayla went back about half ways, mostly because she had caught a butterfly in her butterfly net. We did eventually find the flowers we were looking for along with some massive dandelions, thistles in bloom and several other kinds of flowers.

Kayla and I enjoyed recording our trip with our two video cameras and our cannon camera. Nathan enjoyed getting dirty. We had given him two small dump trucks, a grater and a bulldozer and he spent the entire camping trip heaping dirt, dust, and pine needles onto his little table. He also played with his larger front loaders.

On the way home we checked out several more campsites and one of them had a creek. We got out to let Nathan throw some rocks and one the way to the creek we found some wild blackberries! Kayla and I collected all the ripe one we could reach without getting caught by the thorns. About half of them where tart, but the rest were awfully good!

We all had fun on this latest camping trip, except for one annoying part. There were certainly too many flies.

But, other then that, we had a blast.

[some of Jamie’s favorite pictures]


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