Out on the Pampas…. a book review

Out on the Pampas

Out on the Pampas

by Jamie

Out On the Pampas was written by G. A. Henty, and it has been one of my favorite Henty books yet.

The story is about a English father and his family who move to the Pampas of South America. It was cheaper to live there, the father found that it would be a good investment–even among the trials. His four children, two older boys and two younger girls, learn before hand some of the necessities that they would need and the family leave England quite prepared for their adventure. They buy property, build their home, and begin to raise livestock. All the children learn to shoot and ride, and the family and their workers setup a system to use when attacked by Indians. The book is filled with excitement, danger and thrilling events as this family struggle to survive out on the Pampas. This book is well worth the read!

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