Legacy’s Reformation Party


A Calvanist Pushing an Arguement


The Legacy Lassies and Young Ladies

Posted by Jamie 

These pictures are from our church’s Reformation Party.  We celebrate the reformation, rather then Halloween because on October 31st, Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the church door in Wittenburg and changed the world doing so.  This year’s study was on John Calvin. We always dress up. Kayla went as a Nun. Dad went as the Pope–or bishop, whichever (we like to play the “bad” people *giggle*)–I wore a purple gown with a cape and Nathan came as a fire fighter. We all had dinner outside in the cold. Then the younger girls and Kayla tried to make a movie in the house while the older ladies sang and finished the dishes. The guys carried on conversation outside. Nathan and Sophia played together. When the dishes were done, we all gathered to share what we had learened about John Calvin and to sing a few more songs. Our family left about 11:30 that night! We had a lot of fun. :D


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