What We Do In The Morning

Dogs love attention. We love to give it. :D

Daddy and Clarence love to play
A Blur of Action

Posted by Jamie

These pictures are from a morning visit at the Mrs. ‘T’s’. Daddy and Clarence love to play ball. Clarence loves Daddy to chase him. You can see in the middle picture that Tink doesn’t look impressed with the game.  Kayla took these pictures.


5 thoughts on “What We Do In The Morning

  1. How fun! Great shots, Kayla. Captured the moment well. So, how come your dad doesn’t play tag at the greenbelt on Sundays afternoons, eh? He obviously can run! :D

  2. ^Because I think he would rather talk with Pastor Hudelson and the guys instead–maybe he’ll play with us sometime. :D

  3. ^Ooh! That would be fun!! :p We’ll have to convince him sometime! :D

    Great pictures!!

    To the KING be all the glory!

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