Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Nathan enjoyed this gift!
Kayla’s last gift… and it was from Jamie :o)
Kayla especially enjoyed Grandma’s visit after all the phone calls during the year.

Thanks for your patience everyone.  I have had major computer problems and did not have the time to do much on the blog.  We are still working on a permanant solution to the computer problems but I do have a computer that is working and now a desk and printer…woo hoo!  Anyways, here are a few pictures from Christmas day.  We had a busy day with my brother’s family coming from Glendale and my sister’s family flying in from Florida.  The cousins got their annual Christmas production in although it was a brief telling of the story.  We spent time looking at old photos of the Smith side of the family and even viewed the Smith family Christmas video from 1968-1972.  That was fun.  The kids had fun with Grandma just like always.  Merry Christmas!!!


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