Rooting geraniums

By Beth

A while back the girls and I watched a gardening dvd we had picked up from the library.  It show how to root geraniums and told how easy they were to establish.  So this is one of my latest experiments.   I now have 6 starter, in different stages, on the back patio.  It appears that you need the portion of the plant the will eventually flower, not just the leaf.   I hope I can keep them alive during our hot summer.


One thought on “Rooting geraniums

  1. I used to work at a retirement community — we rooted plenty of geraniums (and a few other plants, as well) simply by putting a cutting in a glass of water for a few days. We did it indoors so didn’t have to worry about the dry heat of Nebraska. Also, you save money by not using the rooting powder — you would be surprised how many plants will root by themselves. Tahitian bridal veil is a good one, too, but you will only get it to bloom if you put it in a window that has the right exposure. My late aunt gave me a cutting that she had had for years and was amazed when I remarked on the pretty bloom — it had never bloomed for her! Turns out it was just the direction of the window exposure that made the difference.

    Isn’t it amazing how anyone could be an atheist with all this evidence of God’s handiwork!

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