Canning Tomatoes

Only 1/3 off all the tomatoes we did!

The Terry Essembly Line
Coring them for Nathan
Nathan peeling them
Ready to be chopped….

This week Mom, Nathan and I canned tomatoes together. Mom boiled them and then let them cool. She and I cored them and sliced them into fourths, and Nathan peeled the skin off them. When we had a full bowl, Mom would blend them up slightly in the food processor. Then she heated them up put them in jars and canned them. They all sealed up (as far as I know) and I think Dad carried them all down to the pantry. So now we have lots of canned tomatoes. Nathan loved helping us. He worked so fast that I could barely keep up with him. He’s such a big help (as you all know)! :D (Also, Mom and Dad took the pictures.)



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