Happy Birthday, Kayla!!!!!

Today is Kayla’s birthday! We celebrated yesterday (Saturday) and I made her a cake, which is pretty much what this post is about…..

Kayla loves chess (I’ll play it, but it’s gets old after you’ve been beaten one game after another) and she wanted a chess cake. Big Sissy to the rescue, now.

 “I’ll make you a chess cake!”  “On one condition.”  “Oh yeah?”  “The chess peices must be sanatized.”  “Then you’ll have to do that yourself.”  “Oh. Okay.” :P

Hey! That’s me! . . . . .

 I made the cake Friday morning. It was a milk chocolate mix, at her request. On Saturday I got out the frosting pipes and tips and made the icing. The brown frosting is chocolate frosting. It’s soooo good.

A Chess Board

I used this chess board as something to copy after. As you can tell, I did NOT get perfect squares. In fact, I think most of them are rectangles of different sizes. But, hey! I am an amature!

Fill ‘er up!

^You can see in this shot that some of the linings that I made are not even connected. The squares looked awful when just an outline. But when I filled them up they looked much better. :)


 Here is the cake completed, with the writing ‘Fourteen!’ at the bottom, complete with chess pieces and a shell outline around the bottom of the cake. I let Kayla put the chess pieces on the cake.


 Does this not make your mouth drip?!?!?! (It’s very good, incase you’re all wondering!)

On the Board
The Birthday Girl

And here’s Kayla with the completed cake. Happy Birthday, sissy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kayla!!!!!

  1. Happy birthday, dear Kayla!! We missed you at church yesterday! :)

    To the KING be all the glory!

    Blog: http://donotgrowweary.com/blog/

    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  2. Happy Birthday Kayla! :)

    That’s so funny because I just got done playing a game of chess (against the computer). :)

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