Books Vs. Dogs

"Hey, Tink! Jamie Prefers Me Over Horse Books!" *slobber*

 ^Back when it was nice outside, our family came home from the library with a bunch of books. Since Mrs. T was out, we decided to bring the dogs to our yard where they wouldn’t be lonely.  Just say it’s difficult looking at library books with an excited lab. I don’t think I got far in my horse book.

. . . . .”Whatever, Clarence,” . . . . . .

^ Tink was very calm (as usual) but she’s characterized by demanding attention, and so I don’t think Kayla read that much either, because Tink kept standing in the way wanting more pets. I believe she got tied to the tree after while, but even that didn’t do much good. :D

Nathan with Mr. Gong

^ Nathan brought over ‘Mr. Gong Man’ to our yard. ‘Mr Gong’ is one of Clarence’s toys—it’s much more fun then the tennis balls. Nathan had a great time throwing it in the air and ducking it as it came down.

And get this. We once asked Nathan who his best friends were (expecting to hear the usual, “Sophia, Aaron, Gabriel, Pastor H , Izzy,” ) and he said, “Mommy and . . . .Tinkie!” It was so shocking! Lol. “His best friend is the neighbor dog! AHHH!” Lol. He still says it: “Tinkie’s my best friend!” He adores brushing her and petting her and giving her hugs. I believe she likes it too.

Clarence Likes to Try to Sit on My Lap

^ I think in this picture I’ve pretty much given up trying to read.

Our Regal Princess . . . .

Tinkie acts so mature and royal…like a noble lady from the time of knights and castles and damsels and dragons. Except, this princess could rescue herself from a dragon. Tink doesn’t even let the neighbor’s chickens cluck without making a racket about it. I believe our poor Knight, Sir Clarence, wouldn’t do very good fighting a dragon anyway. Clarence is the kind of dog that would invite the dragon in for super instead and a play a round cards afterwards.  :D Tis true!

Kayla took the pictures above. :D



3 thoughts on “Books Vs. Dogs

  1. LOL You seem to like the time of knights and princesses so much, I’m going to have to let you read my new book “Honor the King” (or something like that… haven’t quite decided on the title!) – after I finish “Grandmother’s Letters”… :D

    To the KING be all the glory!


    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

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