Meatloaf and Potatoes

Kitchen's Assistant

Last week I made meatloaf and potatoes for dinner (and I actually did most of the work. Mom got to take a nap. ) Nathan helped me squeeze all the ingredients into the meat. Above, he is mixing in the oatmeal.


 ^Here he’s mixing in three eggs.

Buttery and delicious

I was doing multi-task. Between cracking eggs, measuring ingredients, keeping an eye on Nathan who was standing a chair, and sauteing onions, I was also trying to take pictures. 


 ^Bar-b-que sauce and salt and pepper.

“I’m a strong boy!”

^When I did the final mixing myself, I was lifting the meat up into the air to turn it over. Well, I turn around and then turn around again and he’s doing it too. 

Warm and sweet

 All finished and ready for the table. The sauce is a multi-generational recipe from my grandmother. We like to tease that it’s our secret sauce.

Watch those fingers! . . . .

 I’ve never liked mashed potatoes (GASP!) so I wanted to try doing something different. I decided doing Mrs. K’s Messy Potatoes and they worked out perfect. We all enjoyed them, especially Dad and Mom.

In the mix

Some of the ingredients include cheese, sour cream, and hash browns. 

Crispy Goodness

 Here it is out the oven and all done. I was so proud of my large meal.

It looks like there’s enough, but looks are often deceiving!

And of corse, I made chocolate chip cookies that morning, so we also had a fresh dessert.



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