3 Year Old Art Work . . . . .

Hmmmmm . . . . . . .

Ahem…..Nathan draws all sorts of things. But one day, I asked him to draw some pictures of Clarence and Tink for Mrs. T. Well, he’s drawing turned out–interesting and very well drawn, considering he’s three….

Mmmmhmmm . . . .

I helped him sign his initials and I wrote the dogs’ names. He knew what he was doing though. He started with the legs. “Here’s their legs….and then the body….and here’s their tail,” (He drew little bunny cotton ball tails) “And their eyes”. He made large circles, and the put a little mark in the center of them. He knows eyes need those little dots in them, which we all call pupils, but that’s way over his head . . . . . . .


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