I’m Sixteen!


 I turned sixteen last month. We had some nice pictures, so I thought I’d post about it. ^Above I’m wearing my new T-shirt from the homeschool convention. And a pretty necklace my Aunt sent me from Alaska. :D

Notice the ‘I’ is made into a candle

 Kayla made decorations, such as the sign above. She also gave me the majority of my presents. (Kayla is a very generous person). She gave the soundtrack to 101 Dalmatians (more on soundtracks later) and it’s now one of my favorite cds. Wonderful music to listen to!


 We had these orange rolls for breakfast. They were good.

For machines, they’re pretty loud. But docile at the same time….

 I asked to go to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. It’s been ages and ages (literally) since I last was there and it was very fun. We sat right by the elephants. We shopped in the store afterwards and I bought two things for me and Kayla. I can’t explain what they are properly without a picture, and I don’t have a picture, so maybe I’ll do a post on those things later! :D

No, I didn’t eat all the chips. I actually brought most of them home.

My lunch . . . . the burger was actually very good.  For once, I left everything on it, except the pickles (I just don’t like pickles!). I brought home all the chips. I think they’re still sitting in the pantry as we speak! :D 

I just about fainted away with glee . . . . .

We went to this huge library after lunch.  It’s about five stories tall, with glass elevators and the whole nine yards. Anyway, I love soundtracks, but I had never known you could get them at the library. So when Mom had brought four home the previous week, I wanted her to show me where they were. So when we went there, we hunted around to find where they were. We found them. They didn’t have just a shelf of soundtracks but nearly a whole book-case of them! I was so excited! I wanted to tip the case over and dump them all in my bag. Instead, Kayla and I went through them all and grabbed the ones that caught our fancy. I think I grabbed the most. I had soundtracks from the Lord of the Rings to Jurassic Park . From Batman to Star Wars (which are actually very good!). From Spider-man to The Sound of Music. From westerns to war movies to horse movies to Pride and Prejudice! I brought home about 25 cds altogether. I shall do another post about which ones I enjoyed and about my tastes in music. For now, I’ll just say that paging through soundtracks and bringing home some delicious music was probably one of the greatest highlights of my birthday!

“As you can see, we have already eaten quite a chunk of it”

 Speaking of delicious things: when I got home I made my ice cream cake (while listening to The Sound of Music!). We had already put the cake together before hand, and all I had to do was frost it. I completely forgot to take pictures till the next day…and by then we had already eaten 3rd of it by then. But I thought that was fine, because then you could see what the inside looks like. We did a chocolate cake and put strawberry ice cream in the middle.

“I’m just slobbering like a pig . . . “

I had left over chocolate cake from Kayla’s cake, and so I used that. I made some very light purple frosting for the base, and added pink for my new number.  I tried to a two-colored star around the edge, but it didn’t really turn out as I wanted. But it still tasted fine! :D 

“And, yep, it’s pretty good!”

There’s my ‘sixteen’ above. I had fun making it.  That night we watched a very crummy John Wayne movie we borrowed from the library. It was called, “The Searchers”. Don’t borrow it. It’s not that good! If you have to watch a John Wayne, find “Rio Bravo”!  Now, that one is worth your time…..but this is not a movie review. It’s about my birthday. But I’m all out of things to say.  Thanks to everyone who sent me a card (yes, Aunt Linda, I got your card! It was sooooo cute!!!!) I shall hopefully have my ‘thank you’ notes out soon. I have about half of them written. Which, maybe I should end this and finish up my last ones. So, tiddle-do! :D



5 thoughts on “I’m Sixteen!

  1. You BORROWED soundtracks?!? Now I can’t listen to them too!!! :(* :D

    The cake looks good… and you should watch “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne. It’s worth watching – I’ll write you with the details and any slight warnings if you want…

    Happy Birthday again! I still can’t believe I forgot to e-mail you on the day… erg!!!


  2. ^LOL, I know…but now I know which ones are at least worth listening to before either of us buy more…..

    Yes, email me about it! :D

    Thank you again! :D


  3. ^lol I guess… Let me know which ones are really good then… :p

    I just read about “The Searchers”… It certainly didn’t look worth watching at all!!! I’ll try to e-mail you soon…

    You’re welcome. :)

    To the KING be all the glory!

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