Cowboy Photo Shoot


 I took Nathan outside yesterday while he was all dressed in his cowboy clothes to do a photo shoot of sorts. He was very cooperative, and actually enjoyed being in the trees after I assured him he wouldn’t fall out. The only thing missing to his costume is a set up guns, but oh well. Maybe next time we’ll remember to grab a rifle.  I asked him if he had a name. He said no. I asked if he wanted to be Little John Wayne and he said no. I suggest Cowboy Pete and Cowboy William. Didn’t like those. At last I asked, “You have a red bandana and shirt. Why don’t you be Cowboy Red?”  He liked that one for a change. “Okay! I’ll be Cowboy Red!”

Hmmm, Mighty Big Boots!

^I like how the contrast brings out the wear in his boots. These things actually used to be Kayla’s. She’s too big for them now, but they’re way to big for Nathan. He wears them anyway. 

Monkey in the Tree

 ^I liked the way the green tint made the picture look aged.

Feeling a Bit Uppity . . . . *pun intended*
The Cowboy’s Boot

^ Creative thinking, I thought.

Evil Smile

 Here he is standing next to an old wheel shaped chunk of wood that we throw our hatchets at. He gave me his evil smile.

Tian’t He The Cutest?
From the tree’s perspective

^We moved up front, and I didn’t know what we’d do. He immediately yelled, “Let’s do it up in the tree!” So I put him there for some shots. 

Hmm, maybe it’s twilight or dawn…..

^I know. This one is weird. But I didn’t choose to do it blue. It’s custom ordered. This was my last shot I did, and just as I was trying to find an orange tint, Nathan stopped to watch. He saw the shade blue go by, and he asked, “Can you do it blue? Let’s do it blue! Should we? Should we do it blue? Can we do it blue?” I gave up and tinted it blue for him. He just too cute.

I took all these pictures, I also messed around with lighting, color and contrast. I’m very pleased about the way they turned out.



4 thoughts on “Cowboy Photo Shoot

  1. Great job on the photos, Jamie. Keep it up! Enjoyed seeing the different composition and perspective with these shots. And yes, Nathan is so cute! lol.

    ~ Mrs. K

  2. Cute! I think my favorite would be the “evil smile”… You know, he’s started giving me hugs on Sunday, by the way… Just a random observation. :p

    To the KING be all the glory!


    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

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