‘For Dummies’ Series

The “For Dummies” Series. They have SO MANY books done! Everything from building chicken coops to bartending to nation history to grieving (grieving, for crying out loud!) and 3D game animation! They even had one all about Sherlock Holmes (which Kayla and I have been devouring in the past couple weeks).I did a thorough search on the library website, and looked at every single book they had and made a whole list of all the different books I want to check out and look into. I felt like I was making my own home school assignments. For the blog, I’ve put them in categories……for the whole of the book titles, just add FOR DUMMIES on the end of each one. Next to each title, I’ve written a reason or thought of why I want to borrow that particular book. I got carried away on a couple….so it might be very amusing to read. :D

Copyediting and Proofreading For my books, of corse. Educational
Self Publishing For my books! Sounds wonderful! Educational again!
Writing Children’s Books Anything with writing, right?
Horseback Riding I’ve never taken lessons, and if this book is for dummies, then its for me.
Horses Anything with horses, really….also, I write about horses, so I need to know about them.
Koi Would like to more about them and how to care for them.
Pomeranians SO CUTE—but very vicious I understand. I’ll tell you when I read the book!
Adopting a Pet Best to be well knowledge in such things. For books and such.
Choosing a Dog If we move to the country, Mom said we could have a dog……
Breeding Dogs ….and if we have a dog, it would be very fun to have puppies….
Siberian Huskies I love these dogs….probably from watching that Disney movie ‘Iron Will’.
Rottweilers These are one of top five favorite dogs. Besides Labs, Germans, Newfoundlands…
Kittens Oh. Cuteness.
Around the House
Building Your Own Home Will be very good to read. For books and such. Have I said that before?
Home Decorating I will enjoy this one. I like decorating.
Organizing I will not enjoy this one but I need it badly. It will be educational.
Household Hints I will extremely enjoy this one! I love hints to anything!
Frugal Living Will be VERY GOOD!
Making candles and Soap Always fun to learn new things.
Canning and Preserving Thought I should borrow it for just for borrowing’s sake. Lol
Clean and Stain Removal Will be very good also! Just what I need. I’m that type of girl who spills mustard everywhere. LOL Not really. Man, I can be really mean to myself sometimes.
Holiday Decorating I’m looking forward to getting new ideas!
Entertaining Interesting.… maybe can use some information for a book…or for our next party.
Food and the Kitchen
Cooking for Crowds Will be exciting to read and very educational, again.
Gifts from the Kitchen This one will be great for the holidays coming up!
Cake Decorating Something I love doing. And I want to learn more about it too.
Food Allergies Thought I should do some studying up on this. Maybe I could make up a character who has bad allergies or something….
Running a Restaurant This book will be a fun past time book!
Presure Cookers Interesting.
Appetizers Oh, yum!
Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook *FAINTS*
Crafts And Such Like
Knitting Patterns I’ve been doing more knitting lately…it’s caught my eye.
Design Patterns I’d like to know how its done…Incase I want to design something for myself.
Reconstructing Clothes Sounds very informative and educational.
Drawing I’m a terrible drawer….so….
Scrapbooking I do lots of this already, but I thought I might learn some tips
Digital Scrapbooking Sounds extremely interesting
Calligraphy I’d like to learn more about it and see how it’s done.
Drawing Cartoons and Comics This is for both me and Kayla to look through for fun.
Travel and Vacations
Alaska very interesting state, and my aunt lives there. It is a good place for an adventure thriller.
Walt Disney World Would be a fun reading pass time.
RV Vacations Thought I’d find out what they had to say about it
National Parks of the American West We’re in the west, so, it would educational….
Cruise Vacations I’ve never been on a cruise but it sounds like a great place to make up a mystery. Maybe then I could write a mystery book that takes place on a cruise ship somewhere in the pacific, with a deadly killer on the loose with twelve different suspects, poison bottles hidden behind trunks, a hurricane warning, more death threats left taped to a dinner plate or something, bloody hand prints found in the protagonist’s bedroom, a dagger pinned to the door of some secret passage to the ship’s boiler …. I would call it….’Murder on the High Seas’…….Oh! It would be a Carmichael story, maybe! Oh, Too bad I’m writing, like, fifteen other books right now……
Music and Film
Music Theory I need to brush up my music. Badly.
Music Composition I’ll gobble this up if I’m able to make heads or tails of it.
Singing I took singing lessons when I was younger. Thought I should look back into it.
Choir I’ve never been in choir. But maybe someone in a book of mine will!
Song Writing I’ve got no idea how to write songs, but I would love to learn how.
Breaking into Acting If I’m ever going to stop being cheesy in all these films I’m acting in…well..
Screenwriting I’d like to try to turning one of my books into a movie script sometime when I have time…….
Filmmaking Being involved with film making this summer, along with Kayla making me act in all her films, has pumped me up about this, so this will educational and a fun pass time book.
Outdoorys Type Things
Herb Gardening I need to know more about herbs and how to garden them.
Container Gardening This is a cool gardening thing!
Beekeeping For Mom..and I might as well read it.
Roses They’re pretty. So I thought I’d educate myself on them. Goodness, I’ve said “educate” and “for a book” alot!!! :D
Bike Repair and Maintenance Not like we ride our bikes much any more, but I can use the information for a future book perhaps.
Building Chicken Coops For all of us. We’ll either be getting chickens someday here, or when we move to the country, if ever.
The Stuff That’s Left
Running a Bed and Breakfast Definitely for some future book, and I’m very interested in finding out what’s in it.
Blogging I know. I’m being silly blogging about how I want to read this book about…blogging! But I seriously do! That’s the funny part….oh well.
Preventing Identity Theft Who wants to be stolen, anyway?
Baby Names I love finding out new names for book characters!)
US Presidents For Kayla. And me. Ha.
US History For Kayla. And me too again.
Cracking codes and Cryptograms For me! Maw-ha-ha-ha!
Public Speaking Something for a book probably.
Baby Signing I love stuff like this that helps communication. I remember teaching Nathan how to sign for ‘drink’. It was very fun.
Logic I’d like to find out what they say about this.
Jane Austen Remember: I don’t want to read her books. But I do want to find out about her.
Einstein I need to find out more about this guy.
3D Game Animation This will be interesting finding out how they do this stuff.
Chess Openings For Kayla completely!
Card Games Will be a fun pass time book.
Ballet Another fun pass time book.
Improving your Memory That’s for me, Miss No-Memory
Hair Cutting Will be ‘educational’!
Poetry I’ve always wanted to figure out how to write poetry. I’ve never been able to though.
Guitar Exercise I know some guitar keys. So this will a great book to keep guitar refreshed in my head.
Wedding Plans Will be fun!
Budget Weddings WILL BE THE BEST BOOK OF THE WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES! I would like a simple, but classic wedding…..but without spending a fortune! This will be THE book of the year! Right along with ‘Writing Fiction’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’!

So….I’m going to be busy reading up on LOTS of different subjects this year (and next year too!)  If I love a particular book A LOT, I’ll probably post about them…so watch for updates. :D



2 thoughts on “‘For Dummies’ Series

  1. Ohhh yess! I must see that Chess openings!!!

    Who wants to read about bed and breakfast….? Beds are soft, and breakfast is yummy…. it’s simple. :P hee-hee

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