The Sting Rays

Underground Viewing

This morning I’m only going to post about visiting the sting rays yesterday. We have so many pictures, and I have limited time. Anyway. One of my favorite visits in SeaWorld was seeing the sting rays. I’ve had past experience with touching sting rays at the zoo, so I was excited to get to see these creatures again. And as you all mostly know, I love just about any animal…

See the ray's wing in the air?

Kayla took lots of video. Nathan and Daddy touched the rays together. Mom took pictures. I stroked and petted all the sting rays that went by. I found a gigantic one just sitting on the floor not doing anything, and I stroked it for a long time. I loved petting them. I asked Kayla what she liked doing and she said she loved videotaping me petting them.

Nathan touching one

These sting rays aren’t dangerous, but they still may like intimidating. For your information, they have a slimy yet exquisitely soft skin. Even they’re tails were smooth and slimy. An odd but wonderful feeling. There were large ones, big ones, and little ones.

A ray, Dad, Nathan, Me, and Kayla videotaping me

We got to feed them. Yes. It was very..different. They’re mouth is under them, and they glide over your hand and suck, slurp, or vacuum the food into their mouth.We had to watch the birds. A sign said, “Birds Are Aggressive”. Nathan fed the bird some food, which probably wasn’t good, but he thought it was fun. You did have to be quick in getting your hand under the water. The birds would swoop in and take it from your hand if you weren’t quick enough. We also had to keep our tray of fish covered with a hand.

The Food

Here’s how you hold the food for them to eat. ^ Then you stick your hand under the water. It was a crazy feeling. Kayla tried once and decided that she would rather videotape us feeding them then doing it herself. Mom did it twice, but decided it was too weird. Me and Dad had a great time feeding them. It was my first time.

Crazy Picture

In this picture, the ray is taking food from Daddy’s hand. Nathan is watching in concern. Mom took this excellent picture.

Today we go to the beach to relax. I’ll try to do more posts later today. :D We’re missing everyone at home. Don’t forget to comment, and we’ll see them when we get home.



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