At the Beach

Siblings at the Sea Shore

We are home now, and I have some time to post more pictures. Today I’m doing some shots from the beach. I love Nathan’s expression above.

Shells and Sand Dollars

There were more rocks than anything else. But we found some shells, and Kayla and I, after venturing deeper into the water, found sand dollars. I found the first one. We found smaller sizes. I’ll have to take pictures of them…


Facing the Waves

Nathan Running Full Speed

Nathan threw rocks. Nathan dug holes. Nathan carried sand, he dug sand, he piled sand. He played with his cups and buckets. I told him, you can get some water to wet the sand. He looked up from his sand project and asked, “Where’s the water?” Once we showed him how to catch water with his cup, he was busy all day.

Sisters at Sea

A Big Sister's Job is Never Done

I convinced Nathan to go out deep with me. Unlike myself when I was his size, he didn’t freak out, or cry when he got wet. He was actually very brave. I did hold him several times–otherwise, the water would have been too deep.

Mom's Creation

Mom made a turtle out of sand.

At the Scene of the Action

Here’s your typical picture of Kayla. Videotaping again, as usual. She got lots of video. Well, hopefully I’ll have more pictures soon. :D


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