Shamu Show

We saw two Shamu shows while at Sea World. About two years or so, I figured out which animals I liked best, and killer whales came in my top five. Maybe it’s their massive splendor, incredible size or fighting spirit. At any rate, I like them a lot. I enjoyed watching the shows and being closer to them, such as in this picture above. We were very close. Took my breath away, it did.

^While they did lots of jumping, the trainers weren’t in the water with them–and it’s always neat to seem them riding on their backs or flying into the air on their noses. Mom said maybe they were taking another look at what they were actually doing. Either way, it was still very neat.

^I love neat jumps like this when their upside down.

Dad took most of these pictures I think.

There was a lot of splashing in the second show!

Splendid animals. Well, that’s it for now…it’s late…

By the way, tomorrow will be Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’ll be at the J’s house…maybe we’ll get to play freeze tag! Hope so! Anyway, I’ll try to post more soon! :D



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