Camping at Lake Pleasant

Just this past week our family went on a three-day camping trip to Lake Pleasant. It was lots of fun and I was able to make a ‘documentary’ on the adventure with my camera. We finally pulled out the bow and arrows, the throwing knife and the BB gun for fun. We bought to bales of hay to shoot the arrows towards and also our knives. I enjoyed the knife throwing better that the archery. I actually got one shot close to the bull’s eye! I was very excited about that. Jamie and I decided to sleep in a tent outside rather than in our trailer.  It was kind of cold the first morning, but we were very warm the next night. Starting fires are fun, yet they can be annoying as well. We use the flint and steel so sometimes it takes a while to get a fire going. Nathan had lots of fun and got new fake gun on the trip. For some reason he kept talking about ‘getting the Nazi’s’  or something… he was so serious. One day we drove out to where the lake was covering part of the road. Nathan and dad threw rocks and we even saw a herring! We had a almost cinematic adventure one of the nights. We were all sitting around our cozy fire, all was jolly and fine… when, suddenly, a mouse charged in the midst of  us, (more specifically between moms legs) and scurried over to the picnic table to feast. He almost didn’t seem to notice our squeals and laughter as he marched through us. I got some good shots of him with my cam-corder. I’ve gotten the pictures below from the video I took during the trip. It was a very pleasant time!

Here is an arrow flying from my bow

Jamie starting a fire with the flint and steel

Here is the water covering the road

The Mouse


4 thoughts on “Camping at Lake Pleasant

  1. Nice commentary on the trip. Thanks for not mentioning that the mouse made me scream… Mom

  2. My family went camping a lot when I was little. They were some of the best experiences I remember.

    Great pictures and storytelling.

    I miss you, love, Mary

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