I Love My Siblings


She gives me joy and glee,

When she tickles me!

I can get so upset,

Till she does something to make me forget!

Her big sissyness will make me frown,

But it also makes me laugh when she’s a clown!


He says, “Kayla your cool!”

And makes me feel great!

He cries, “Your mean!”

And gives my heart a 10 ton freight!

He’s my best actor, of that I’m proud.

He’s my worst distraction in school, man is he loud!


Thanks for being there in the crowd to hide behind,

For saying, “Stop that whining, missy!”

Thanks Jamie for cheering me when I’m sad,

And for being a gentle and good sissy!

Thanks little guy for giving me fun and joy,

Sorry I can be so mean and am strong to throw,

I love you little guy,

Your my favorite little bro!


I love my siblings! -Kayla


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