Kayla Cartoons

Every once and a while, when I feel like making a film with out going anywhere, talking to anyone, or even getting off my computer, I work on my cartoons. They are a little more work and not as real as the films I make with my siblings, but they are cute and most importantly, I am pleased with my finished product! They are HARD work. It is a very detailed job that takes focus and precision. My latest cartoons I have been working on, are called: The Tink and Clarence funnies.

The stars of the show are based after the real dogs, Tink and Clarence who live across the street. There owner, Mrs. T. is like a third grandma to me and Jamie. We’ve had lots of fun walking her dogs for her. They were our first dogs we sort of got to help own. I like to think Tink is my girl! Anyhow we’ve spend a lot of time with these dogs and I’ve observed there characters and they are colorful beings! Jamie and I have imagined these dogs shopping at a store, or them going to the super bowl, or even getting the mail! Finally, I decided to make these hilarious visions come to life and they have transferred to the computer beautifully! lol!

They way I’ve made these little cartoon figures is kind of complicated, but I’ll try to explain. I use the program Microsoft  Power Point 2007. I paste together shapes to make the figures. Squares for the legs, body, & neck. Circles for eyes, & noses. The ears, tails and tongues and anything else strangely shaped I use a custom tool to make. To make the figures move I make another page on the program, duplicate the figure but turn the legs and then move the body forward and do this over and over till it appears they are walking. >>

start with the first one and go down, then go down the 2nd row


Imagine all those^ wacthed quickly after each other- it looks like Clarence is walking across the computer screen!

Here is a shot from a scene in show number one >>>

Tink complains to Clarence about her mail

Below is a behind the scenes picture I took of how the cartoons look before I assemble them. Above the line is the pieces separate, then below the line is after I’ve put them together. 

Hope all this makes some sort of sense! I just had to share my new found joy in cartoons. -Kayla



6 thoughts on “Kayla Cartoons

  1. Super, super neat post! It’s so funny trying to imagine what they would say if they could talk. :D I noticed, though, that Tink seems to come off as a bit of a brat in your stories though! Lol! She isn’t, really, folks! She’s just chubby.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. I would love to write music for all my productions! But no, I’m not. I have a keyboard with the different instrument settings on it, but they aren’t real sounding! Waa!

  3. I don’t know if the program I use will let me. I will have to see. I would love to show you if possible!

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