This week started off with a crash- literally!


Sunday morning, my grandparents left from visiting us to go to their home in Washington State. They were just in the corner of Az, heading to Nevada when they rolled the RV!

Thankfully, no other cars got hit, but still…. it was very scary! Here’s where Grandpa went of the road>>

They are both alive, but Grandma’s shoulder is broken. :(

See the tire tracks?

Dad and mom drove all the way to Kingman, where they’d crashed to help out. After big trucks had scraped up and carried off most of the wreck, some of Grandpa and Grandma’s stuff was lying out in the desert! Dad and mom helped save some of those things. ^See dad looking for things?

Grandpa had saved a lot of their clothes before he went to the hospital to be with Grandma. Mom and dad got all the grandparents things that remain in a u-haul and Grandma and Grandpa are heading home. Praise God they are alive! Below I’ve added a red circle and a green circle to show you where G&G sit in the RV. Grandma’s seat is in the red circle and Grandpa’s is in the green. Look at that!

Thank you God for saving our  grandparents! Yay!

See Jamie’s blog for details…. Jamie’s Blog



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