Star Wars Spoof

So, last week I found Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber at Savers. And a Stormtroopers blaster. AND Darth Vadars mask!!! The obvious thing to do next (to me) is to make a Star Wars spoof film!

Nathan is Luke, stormtroopers, and Han Solo.

I am Princess Leia, Obi-Wan, Darth Vadar, a stormtrooper, Uncle Owen and a Alien at the bar.

Luke stares at the Alien in the bar

Yours Truly as Princess Leia

Nathan loved being Luke the Farmboy

Jamie was Darth Vadar in other scenes that I had to be someone else.

I really wanted to do the Princess Leia Ear Muff hair style for this one, but it’s too fragile. So I had to settle for ‘Duty Braid’s’ hair style  from the ‘Empire Strikes Back’.  Jamie has been my hair stylist so far!

I made a pretty spoofy stormtrooper costume for Nathan, but at least it’s recognizable.

Your probably wondering how Nathan can be Luke and Han at the same time. Well, Han isn’t really in this movie. We didn’t have a Chewbacca you see so Han just wouldn’t be the same. We have a short scene where Obi- Wan and Luke walk by Han Solo but that’s it. If we do an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ spoof I will make him a main character in that one.

Yes I did make that poster at the top! I am very excited about it!

Our family doesn’t like ‘The Force’ from the original films because The Force plainly put is idolatry… so I had to come up with a substitution. I decided to use the phrase  ‘The Faith’… even then it’s not the Faith that gives the Jedi his strength, it’s God.

The scene where Luke and Leia swing over the chasm was hard, Jamie kindly held the green-screen for us. I am waiting to see if it will look okay.

For now, we are doing a vague copy of the original. Nathan is doing so good! I’m very proud of him- he hasn’t even seen the real film! He only knows about the characters because he saw there pictures on my wall! I am very tiered. Filming, directing a 4 year old, acting and producing is hard work!  I hope to finish the film soon.

A Stormtrooper shrugging because he doesn't know how Luke and Leia got away


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