Photo-Shop Practice

It's a cute version of the orginal

I have been practicing my photo shop skills lately. I got to buy a Millennium Falcon Space Ship.

See the inside?

It’s so fun! There are buttons to click that make sounds!

Anyway- About my photo shopping: see the next picture. I tried using the green screen but that didn’t work so I got on photo shop and put in the stars.

Before..........and After

I am very excited about my new prop! (That’s what I consider it to be.) I will Lord willing use it in the next Star Wars spoof we do if we do at all.

See you in the next post! “Prepare for light speed!”

I added stars on this one too!


3 thoughts on “Photo-Shop Practice

  1. Thanks! It IS going to be cool. I probably will need you to do him again!

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