Kate and Nate Update!

We’d finished a short film we did a little while ago. I really don’t have a title for it, which is a shame. Here’s something for ya’ll to get a taste of what it’s about: The sheriff catches a stranger killing his roosters red handed and attempts an arrest- but this bad guy doesn’t give up easily! It’s kinda cheap but I got a 4 year old brother for a star so, it’s not supposed to be dramatic. It’s got a really corny fist fight in it, and a unbelievable part where a chicken throws a gun to the sheriff, but believe me, Nate (Nathan) and I sweated over this one! I wanted to do a scene where the sheriff lets his chickens out of their coop… ha! Fat chance getting our birds out of their coop in the heat of the day! We stood there rolling film for about 30 mins trying to get them to walk out for a 2 second long scene….  we didn’t even get that much and what footage I had of that sorta hit the cutting room floor- I stuck in the bloopers. What stuff I put in the film made a 6 minute long Kate and Nate REALLY CHEAPY western, but I’m proud of it.

Here’s a picture from the fight scene

Can you guess who acts the good guy?

Here the sheriff kicks the gun from the bad guys hand- that’s a trick I learned from watching the old b&w Lone Ranger Series. (Roy Rogers films do that sometimes too)

BTW, as far as up coming films, we are nearing completion of the 6th addition to our Police Series:

George Wilson is hot on the trail of a robber- only to be arrested himself! Will George get out of the mess or will he spend his summer behind bars? This delightful show includes your favorite actors Kate and Nate, starring in the roles of George and Mark, Hercule Poirot, a line of police officials, a court judge, and more!

This film has probably been the hardest actor-wise, because I have acted as 5 different people and Nathan has taken the roles of 3 characters. I got him to play the court judge, and made him wear a fake mustache to help him look older. He looked great- but he hated wearing the thing, he said it was too sticky. 

Yeah, I know the hats too big...

"Hold em' high Jen!"

We are still working on our Star Wars IV spoof also.

Maybe I shouldn't looks so happy-

We tried to do the ‘Swinging over the chasm’ scene outside…. I don’t think it will work. We’ll have to shoot again.

So that is what’s going on in my film world right now. :D


4 thoughts on “Kate and Nate Update!

  1. My goodness, the green screen trick doesn’t cover the back very well, does it. Then again, there was a strong wind that day.

    Good post.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. ^ I was going to crop down to just the green- but that’s not going to work.

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