Policeman 6: Foul Play

So- we finished our film today!!!! Yay!!! Enjoy the stills from it.

The hero everyone can't help but love!


In case you were wondering that’s gum I’m using to look like a cigarette. This is personally one of my favorite Kate and Nate bad guys. She’s a very low down, clever, sorta girl. She’s known for her knife throwing.

Mark. It was all his fault!

I sorta made Mark into a dumb police in this one… that’s not how I potray ALL policemen mind you! Just Mark.

"Whoah she's gettn' serious!"

Here’s a picture from the film, when Jen throws a knife at a unsuspecting George. If you look into the picture you’ll see the knife just barely missed pinning George in for! (We used stunt type stuff to do this shot. I had everything under control.)

The film was sorta made up as we went and is mainly meant for little kids. When Mark makes an’ outrageous mistake and messes up Georges arrest plans, a court session is in order….

The court scene is crazy and funny! I know the judge never gives a verdict, but come on! It’s for little kids right? No need to get to technical in this court!

Anyway, this was our hardest film yet. But in the end project it’s pretty cool. The whole thing is worth watching JUST to see the pawn shop scene!

Thank you God for helping us finish!!!!


8 thoughts on “Policeman 6: Foul Play

  1. ^^ Thanks! I can’t wait to hear what you think! (though several of my roles are kinda embarassing, I think. I was sorta silly when I was acting the victim)

    ^Yeah! You can see ALMOST all of ours!! Some time you come to church you can borrow one.

  2. Well, some are kinda embarrassing. You know? Dramatic acting or silly storyline. There are some just for Nate and me…

  3. I can’t say I approve of smoking gum, but you are doing a great job on your films. I love every one. Mom

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