Vacation: Day four: Outside the Museum

Here’s their cool bronze dinosaur that is just out front of the  main entrance.

There were 2 wooden bridges, this one swayed over the water and further into the grounds was a suspension bridge very similar.  The kids liked jumping on these.

There were beautiful flowers scattered through out the grounds.

Kayla with her new camcorder just entering the petting zoo.

Jamie’s favorite part of the Museum was the petting zoo and especially the brown zebra pictured here.

Here are the goats, they have found a friend in David.  He is quite the animal lover.

I thought the flowers were very pretty, here’s one on my better shots.

Here’s their front entrance, on exiting we jumped out of the car for a picture of the sign, dino and family.


One thought on “Vacation: Day four: Outside the Museum

  1. Dave hugging a goat!! Now that’s a sight to behold. LOL. Great pictures, Beth. I’m enjoying reading about your trip. How fun to be able to see so much of God’s beautiful handiwork across so much land. Thanks for sharing! :D

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