Vacation: Day 6 The Erie Canal Cruise

I had lived within several miles of the Erie Canal for the first 18 years of my life.  Traveling across it weekly.  It was nice to actually get to ride on the canal and hear some of the history behind it.

It was a beautiful day in Lockport, NY and here our family took center stage on the cruise ship for the first part of the two hour tour.

Here is the 2 sets of locks heading west to Buffalo. We drove into them and had the fun experience of lifting 25 feet, twice.  We went to the left of the building in the newer lock system.  To the right was the old lock system that took a fairly small boat up the 5 small different locks.

Kayla couldn’t resist buying the sailor hat for Nathan and a pirate treasure map too.

Jamie and Kayla relaxing for a moment.

David and I at the back of the boat while waiting inside the lock.

Here is a map of the lower part of NY state showing the whole Erie Canal running from Albany to Buffalo, connecting the Hudson River to Lake Erie.


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