Vacation: Day Nine, continued

Here are a few nice shots of the waterfalls down the road from the cabin.  We would walk down the dirt road and swim, as the water was deeper in this pond.

Next we drove a few miles away, where I remembered finding fossils very easily as a child.  The one area I remembered had a home build there now but across the street we stopped to check the same stream of water.

This stream bed was full of slate rocks and it seemed every rock David picked up had at least one small fossil.  We brought back a box full to share.  This was the day that Kayla was feeling her worst from the sore throat she had but this was one thing she had been waiting for, to find a fossil for herself.

If you look closely you can see at least 3 different fan patterns.  I’m not sure it they are shells or leaf patterns.

The changing leaves were beautiful to see.  Enjoy!

I really miss the change of seasons.  It was wonderful to see the beginning stages of fall again.

Drove 200 miles.


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