Vacation: Day Twelve, Washington D.C.

It rained lightly the first day in Washington.  We bought a couple extra umbrellas and went on our way.

Our first stop was the United States Marine Corps War Memorial.  The Statue is of the men on Iwo Jima.

Around the base is all the dates and wars that the Marines have fought in.  The statue is massive to say the least.

This is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the Potomac River.

I couldn’t resist this shot from the outside.  It shows Jefferson’s profile.

The walls were plastered with his quotes about God and having a government that was in control and not tyrannical.

I thought this was cute one of Nathan, he’s standing on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

In the evening we walked through Union Station.  Kayla made me take a second picture so she could pretend to fall to the ground floor.   The architecture was beautiful in this old building  and in it was a working train station and upscale mall.



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