Vacation: Day Fourteen, Washington DC pt 3

Day 3 we rode the Metro into the city and purchased trolley tickets for an endless ride around town.  It didn’t turn out that well but we did get to see a few of the sites.

We got off the trolley at the Lincoln Memorial, here we are on the steps.

All the memorials were gigantic, this one was no different.

Here we were at the trolley stop waiting for them to pick us up.  Because the Occupy Wall Street mob was in town the streets got closed due to their rally.  The trolley could not get back into the Memorial to get us. A long story short we walked…. a long way back to the Smithsonians and still couldn’t get a trolley.

This is part of the Vietnam War Memorial.

Here is the Vietnam War Memorial Wall with all the names of the fallen soldiers, listed from the first to die to the last.  Here are David and Nathan with the Washington Monument in the background.

Here’s just a partial panel from 1 of dozens of panels.

This is the Korean War Memorial.  Side note: The South Korean President was in the city that day and we saw his motorcade go by our trolley.

We walked to the World War II Memorial and here are David and Nathan checking the temp. of the water.

We walked passed the Washington Monument and paused to rest our feet.  This monument was closed due to the recent earth quake.

After arriving, on foot, back to the Smithsonians we didn’t see a trolley in sight.  David put Jamie, Kayla and I on a pedicab and he pedaled took us to the Spy Museum more than a couple blocks away.  Sorry, no pictures from the Spy Museum… it was all top secret.

David and Nathan went to the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum since Nathan was too young for the Spy Museum.

One of the Apollo Space Craft.

One of the Wright Brother’s airplanes.



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