Silas Marner, the book

We’ve just finished reading this book during our family reading time.  It is one of my all time favorite stories so far.  (We have had this story in Focus on the Family audio book for a long time)  I love the true to life characters with all their humanity and sinfulness for us to see and the redemption that God so clearly brings over time to this man who is hardworking,  humble and has his own set of faults.  Kayla asked why I claim this story to be my favorite and perhaps it touches my heart so because relationships are where I struggle most in life too.

Thank you to my hubby who suggested reading it because he knew how much  I enjoy this particular story.  ( hugs&kisses)

Below is Amazon’s short summary of the story:

Silas Marner, which first appeared in 1861, is a tale about life, love, and the need to belong. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit and unjustly forced from his home town, Silas lives a reclusive and godless life, finding love and companionship only in material objects. It will take the theft of his gold and the discovery of an abandoned infant to remind him of the importance of human relationships and faith.

Mary Ann Evans, writing under her pen name of George Eliot, carefully weaves the interaction of plot and character, and, in so doing, depicts Silas Marner’s redemption and rebirth through his love and protection of the orphaned girl and the possibility of losing her. Throughout the book, Eliot also takes the opportunity to voice her feelings about industrialization, religion, and social class distinctions.



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