Baby Quilt Rescued

Isn’t this the cutest baby quilt.  I rescued it from our local Savers store where someone donated it.  I paid only $3 for it.  It looks like one of those $50 quilts from Baby’s R Us.  Since there was little  quilting on it I hand quilted around the vehicles and am tucking it away for who knows what.  I love quilts, I just can’t help it.

4 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Rescued

  1. That’s such a cute little quilt!

    I really need to start quilting soon! I just have to get over my phobia that I won’t finish it if I start! :p I have two I think, planned, that I would like to put in my hope chest… Hmm… I really should start those sometime in the near future I suppose…

    Loved catching up on all the posts I’ve missed! I love all the pictures! :D

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Hi Rebekah, I’d love to see your quilts in progress when you start. Are you thinking, one pink, one blue or something like that? Blessings. Mrs. T.

  3. I’ll try to send you some pictures then! I want to make a King or Queen size quilt, with scripture verses in light squares. I’ll probably do a variety of blue floral for the other squares. I want to pick verses about family, parenthood, obeying parents, a wife’s role, etc…

    The other I would love to do is a smaller quilt, maybe something that I could use for a baby, or just wrapping up on the couch. Not exactly sure on the size yet, so that will depend, and as for color scheme… I have no idea!! Something pretty! :p

    I would love to start them soon! I need to finish fixing my wardrobe first though. :D

  4. Oh, I think I understand better. The scripture one sounds lovely. What a wonderful idea. I would like to do one for the back of our couch to match the family room decor. I have a friend who’s mother quilts and she has made her daughter some lovely quilts. She has one that fits nicely on the back of their couch and really looks beautiful. Definitely keep me in the loop when you get started.

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