Arizona Science Center 2012

The Atrium was filled with water wheels and other fun ways to get wet!

Lego Travel Adventure was a fun exibit for Nathan.

Kayla and Daryck race… guess who won?  (surprisingly Kayla)

Harnessed in, Daryck braved the Sky Cycle, hovering over 15 feet in the air and with a 300 pound counter weight beneath him, he pedaled across the second floor with just a thin peice of netting to catch him.  Yay!

I braved the bed of nails.  You raised and lowered them with a button.  They raised about 4 inches.  I wouldn’t want to sleep on there.

Nathan did well with the small wall to rock climb on.

Here Nathan and Jamie are downhill snow boarding.

Our friends from church allowed us to take their son with us.  He is a lot of fun to be with.  That was good company for the girls and Nathan.  I would have thought Daryck was an exibit because that is what Nathan wanted to see next, “Where is Daryck?”  and he was a good sport putting up with him too.


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